The QUNDIS AMR network.

Q node 5 network nodes form the core of the Q AMR automatic meter reading system solution. They receive consumption data from the measuring devices and distribute the data throughout the network within the building. As a result consumption data is always be available for remote transmission.

By radio-communication with one another the nodes in a network can transmit all the data required for operating cost billing. This principle advances redundancy of the collected consumption data.

The automated remote meter readout within the radio-based QUNDIS Q AMR is then implemented online by GPRS/EDGE via the Q gateway 5.

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Q node 5 (battery-operated)

Network node Q node 5

In both transmission and reception network node Q node 5 offers multiple improvements in wireless performance on a frequency of 868 MHz. Thanks to its optimised antenna and amplifier the coverage of the measuring devices in the network is significantly increased.

The distance between the network nodes also becomes much greater (either horizontally or vertically across different floors). This reduces the number of nodes required. In addition, depending on the characteristics of the building the number of measuring devices can be reduced significantly.

  • Automatic Q AMR network set-up with up to 12 network nodes
  • Perfect integration with the Q AMR remote readout system
  • Reduced number of devices and installation requirements mean cost savings
  • Reliable, fast and secure network modification
  • Secure data exchange thanks to AES encryption*

* after software update

System brochure
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Data sheet
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Q gateway 5

Smart meter gateway Q gateway 5

In a unique way our brand-new Q gateway 5 combines the monitoring of all metering devices and network nodes within a single property with automatic remote data transmission.

It records the consumption data of up to 2,500 metering devices and transmits it by GPRS/EDGE mobile transmission to the QUNDIS Smart Metering Platform (Q SMP). From there all data will be transmitted automatically by e-mail in your office. Thanks to our high-performance battery Q gateway 5 operates without interruption throughout the contractual period. For daily data retrievals we also offer the Q gateway 5 with mains connection.

A further unique new feature: in addition to the device itself we provide you with a comprehensive range of communication services, from SIM card administration to full data hosting. The device is factory-fitted with a SIM card. We administer all the configuration operations of the Gateway via the QUNDIS Smart Metering Plattform Q SMP.

  • Unique: GSM Gateway monitors up to 2,500 metering devices and records their consumption data
  • High level of data security: encrypted mobile transmission, radio-communication prepared for OMS security mode 7, data hosting via cooperation partner IBM
  • Simple installation: no electrician required for installation (does only
    apply for battery-operated device)
  • Fast operational start: automatic buildup of network via push-button start, device factory-fitted with SIM card
  • Reduced operating costs: QUNDIS takes care of SIM card administration, tariff/data volume handling and data hosting
  • Lean process: consumption data and status messages emailed directly to your office at preset intervals

System brochure
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Product flyer
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Data sheet
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