Heat meters by QUNDIS.

QUNDIS electronic heat meters are the perfect system components for measuring and recording heat consumption in systems where heat is generated centrally.

Because of their compact size and simple operation all Q heat 5 models have a wide range of applications. They are suitable for standard commercial underfloor heating systems, radiator systems and warm water separation.

For comfortable recording a display loop shows the current consumption, the scheduled readout day and the scheduled readout value after pressing any key in sleep mode.

  • Seamless: for a wide range of flow sizes
  • Communicative: IrDA interface on board, integration with wireless and M-Bus system possible at any time
  • Versatile: Q heat 5 is available as a heat meter or combined heat/cold meter
  • Fast: measuring cycle every 12 sec. (Q heat 5 US) or every 36 sec. (Q heat 5)
  • Secure: seal with serial number replaces the ‘Selflock’ (clip) seal
  • Flexible: for pure service water circuits and for various water and glycol mixtures

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Q heat 5 US

Ultrasonic heat meter Q heat 5 US

Innovative and highly precise.

The ultrasonic heat meter Q heat 5 US operates on the basis of an innovative, patented ultrasonic measuring process. It shows its strengths wherever especially precise and reliable long-term metering is essential. In addition, high-quality materials prevent wear and tear and the build-up of deposits.

Its uniquely compact design enables installation even where space is extremely limited, thus providing an unrestricted choice of location. Of course the Q heat 5 US device can be integrated with the entire QUNDIS system environment via a range of communication modules. All volume meters are available in the established flow dimensions of 1.5 m3/h and 2.5 m3/h.

System brochure
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Data sheet (English)
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Q heat 5 (Electronic heat meter)

Electronic heat meter Q heat 5

Compact and versatile.

The Q heat 5 electronic heat meter is fitted with an IrDA interface as standard. It is available as a screw-type version and a measuring capsule version for the connection interfaces A1 (M77 x 1,5 – Allmess) and IST (G 2″). If data transmission is to be implemented by radio (Q AMR, Q walk-by) or by cable (Q M-Bus), the device can simply be retrofitted with an add-on module.

For special applications such as water heating we have equipped Q heat 5 with a fast measuring cycle. All volume meters are available in the established flow dimensions of 0.6 / 1.5 and 2.5 m3/h.

The new display loop: After pressing any key in sleep mode the display of the Q heat 5 heat meter now shows the current reading, the scheduled readout day and the scheduled readout value in a loop. This loop is repeated 10 times.  In order to simplify readout operations, a display test separates the display of the current value from the scheduled readout value. Readouts by tenants or untrained personnel have now become much simpler.

Heat meter variantsNominal flow rates
Measuring capsule Allmess A1 (M77 x 1,5)qp 1,5 m³/h NEW
Screw-type 80 mmqp 1,5 m³/h
Sscrew-type 110 mmqp 0,6 m³/h and 1,5 m³/h
Screw-type 130 mmqp 2,5 m³/h
Measuring capsule IST (G 2″) 110 mmqp 0,6 m³/h and 1,5 m³/h
Measuring capsule IST (G 2″) 130 mmqp 2,5 m³/h

System brochure
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Product Flyer Q heat 5
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Data sheet
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Q heat 5 M-Bus/Impuls-IN

Heat meter Q heat 5 M-Bus / Impulse-IN

Perfect integration into M-Bus networks.

QUNDIS offers two new versions of its tried-and-tested Q heat 5 screw-type heat meter. The Q heat 5 M-Bus / Impulse-IN has integrated M-Bus and Impulse-IN communications interfaces. This enables up to 2 water meters to be integrated into an existing M-Bus network via a standard load. Thanks to the unique operating concept, parameterising the heat meters is child’s play. This significantly reduces the installation work and the cost of integration into an M-Bus network. The Q heat 5 M-Bus does without the Impuls-IN interface.

Because of their compact design and removable calculator unit, the heat meters are ideal for installation situations where space is limited. In its class, at only 63.6 mm the Q heat 5 M-Bus / Impulse-IN heat meter features the smallest installation height on the market.

System brochure
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Q heat split

Split heat meter Q heat split

For large volumes and high temperatures.

Our Q heat split heat meters consist of an electronic calculating unit, a volume meter and temperature sensors. They are unbeatable for large volume flows and high temperature loads.

Depending on the volume which is pumped, the measuring unit takes the form of a Woltman sensor or ultrasonic version. Connection with the pipe system is by means of a threaded or flanged connector. Saving and displaying values is the task of the calculating unit.

Other modern variants feature combined heat and cold metering (G13/14) or with adaptation for water/glycole mixtures for solar installations (G18/19). There are also device version available with an internal M-Bus module, retrofittable communication mounts or impulse out for integration into a remote meter reading system.

System brochure
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Product Flyer
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Data sheet
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ProductsDevice version:
Q heat 5 US
Q heat 5
Q heat split
  • Integration into an Q AMR system (radio module WFZ16.O needed)
  • Readouts can be implemented through different expansion stages in the building, outside the building or by remote data transmission
  • No need to enter the apartment (or perhaps even the building)
  • The most reliable form of data transmission to the billing system
Q walk-by
  • Integration into a Q walk-by system (radio module WFZ166.O needed)
  • Electronic readout of the split heat meter by radio on site without the use of stationary data collectors
  • No need to enter the apartment
  • Extremely reliable data transmission to the billing system
  • One-off re-programming for use in a Q AMR system possible
Q M-Bus
  • Integration into an Q M-Bus system (Q heat 5 M-Bus / Impulse-IN and Q heat split available with an integrated M-Bus interface)
  • Central readout in the wired M-Bus network considerably simplifies readout operations
  • Improved error detection and data transmission security
  • In addition current values are also available via the M-Bus
  • Retrofitting of the Q heat 5 basic model and Q heat 5 US with the MHM5 M-Bus add-on module is also possible
Q basic / Q opto
  • Can be readout and parameterised via an optical interface (1107)
  • The electronic readout process prevents errors and increase security in data transmission
  • Modules for retrofitting available, enabling integration with the Q walk-by, Q AMR and Q M-Bus systems