Heat cost allocators by QUNDIS.

Our electronic heat cost allocators represent leading-edge technology, and have proved their reliability millions of times.

The Q caloric product family includes both one-sensor and two-sensor devices. These precisely record the amount of heat generated and save the data which is acquired.

One-sensor devices operate on the basis of a fixed room temperature. Two-sensor devices differentiate between “real” radiator warmth and other heat sources such as sunlight. They measure the temperature at the radiator and within the room separately. This also makes them suitable for low-temperature heating installations.

  • all-round: the right device for every requirement
  • individual: optimum integration with existing processes
  • secure: fast identification of attempted manipulation
  • open: further processing of data possible without difficulty
  • intelligent: parameters are displayed even in standby mode
  • first-class: manufactured in world-class assembly operations
  • outstanding: a product from the technological and market leader

For assembly purposes QUNDIS offers you free of charge an extensive database with heat transition values (KC values) for almost any type of radiator.

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Q caloric 5.5

Improved wireless transmission performance and flexible readout times

The new Q caloric 5.5 heat cost allocator enables an even simpler and more flexible readout of meters than before. Metering can be implemented both on site and in mobile form. The significantly greater wireless transmission range simplifies remote readout, improves data quality and cuts readout times.

The more flexible readout times are a further productive new feature. This means that metering services and housing companies are no longer tied to specific times of the year. As a result they have more flexibility in planning their recording of consumption data and the billing of energy costs. Meter reading can be implemented both on site and in mobile form, because parallel to walk-by wireless telegrams Q caloric 5.5 also sends AMR telegrams.

The benefits at a glance:

  • the launch of C-Mode doubles the wireless transmission range
  • readouts 365 days a year (in C-Mode)
  • parallel transmission of walk-by and AMR telegrams in line with the OMS standard (in C-Mode)
  • downward compatible with predecessor model Q caloric 5
  • no new heat transfer (kc) values required
  • no additional fitting requirement
  • upgrade to C-Mode and OMS possible in the field
  • no software adaptations required for existing S-Mode QUNDIS systems

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