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HeiKo 2017: QUNDIS presents new radio module and remotely monitored smoke alarm

New metering devices designed especially for fully automated remote meter reading

At the HeiKo 2017 trade fair on 28 and 29 September QUNDIS GmbH is presenting its latest product and system developments for the intelligent recording of heating and water consumption. The focus is on fully automated remote readout operations, which will become increasingly important in future as a result of the revision of the European Energy Efficiency Directive. In addition the Erfurt manufacturer of metering devices is presenting its new remotely monitored smoke alarm.

Digitalisation is simplifying the recording of water and heating consumption

The increasing importance of digitalisation and the upcoming revision of the European Energy Efficiency Directive are clear confirmation of the trend towards the fully automatic, remote radio readout of consumption data. With QUNDIS radio technology in combination with automatic provision of data via the QUNDIS Smart Metering Plattform Q SMP, metering services are ideally prepared for these developments.

Product family is roundedoff by Q module 5.5 heat and heat meter Q heat 5 AMS

At the HeiKo 2017 trade show QUNDIS is presenting its new Q module 5.5 heat for the Q heat 5 heat meter. This radio module makes the company’s heat meter product family even more versatile and extends the QUNDIS AMR system further. Because of C-Mode operation the Q module 5.5 achieves almost double the range within buildings compared to its predecessor product, and enables readout on 365 days a year. In addition the radio module has OMS certification.

The Q heat 5 AMS heat meter is a further new addition to the company’s product range: with this impeller heat meter QUNDIS is providing the ideal alternative to the Allmess Integral-MK-UltraMaXX compact meter. It is especially suitable for the homogeneous equipping of entire buildings with QUNDIS consumption recording technology. In addition the Q heat 5 AMS has a lower fitting height for the Allmess A1 interface than any competing product. Because of its compact design and easy operation the Q heat 5 AMS is ideal for recording the consumption of radiator installations and underfloor heating. For this reason the Q heat 5 AMS can also be retrofitted at any time with a communication module for data transmission within a Q AMR, Q walk-by or Q M-Bus data recording system.

New cooperation and a remotely monitored smoke alarm

At HeiKo 2017 QUNDIS announced a new cooperation with Atral-Secal GmbH. The two companies are working in close cooperation on the Q smoke 5.5 R smoke alarm. This new smoke alarm will comply with the revised DIN norm 14676, which is expected early in 2018. This means that remote monitoring of the Q smoke 5.5 R smoke alarm will be possible, and the device will implement its own inspection and maintenance operations. In the standard case, any apartment fitted with the Q smoke 5.5 R will not need to be checked for 10 years after the installation. The smoke alarm can as usual be integrated into the QUNDIS radio system AMR and walk-by operations. The device will probably be available from QUNDIS at the end of the first quarter of 2018.

In Germany QUNDIS GmbH is among the country’s most successful suppliers of devices and systems for the metering and billing of heat and water consumption. In Erfurt the company manufactures products such as heat cost allocators, heat meters and water meters under the label “Made in Germany”. Its customer base includes metering services, OEM partners and the housing industry. Innovation is a central component of the QUNDIS corporate philosophy, which was confirmed at Germany’s 2016 SME Summit when the Erfurt company was awarded the TOP 100 Prize as “Innovator of the Year”. The QUNDIS systems for remote meter reading, which also include smoke alarms, are in use in over 6 million homes in over 30 countries.

For more information please see: www.QUNDIS.com

Press release – September 28, 2017
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