Introducing QUNDIS.

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The network of independent measuring services in Germany

MeasureNet is a central contact network initiated by QUNDIS for all those involved in consumption data recording. Here flexible service providers come into contact with those requiring their services. Via the MeasureNet online portal for the industry, planners and the housing industry can find the right measuring service for their projects quickly and simply. The network provides all users with a new and highly flexible alternative to measuring services tied to the big corporations.


pioneering in integrated smart metering

SMARVIS designs, develops and sells complete system solutions for the housing business. The Erfurt company specialises in particular in the intelligent measurement of energy consumption and transmitting the data for billing purposes. The aim is to provide companies in the housing industry with transparency in relation to the energy consumption in their properties, with the aim of promoting energy savings.

SMARVIS GmbH is part of the QUNDIS Group. It advises companies in the housing business on optimising their utility billing processes.