Introducing QUNDIS.

Energy objectives

QUNDIS technology reduces energy consumption.

In 2012 the EU introduced the European Energy Efficiency Directive (EED). The aim is to achieve energy savings of 20 % by the year 2020.

In European households currently around 78 % of the required primary energy is consumed for heating and water heating. This means that the behaviour of individual consumers represents a significant factor in energy savings.

The QUNDIS system solutions support energy-saving activities – both at the private and the business level. It has been demonstrated that our systems can make a contribution towards reducing energy and heating costs by up to 30 %.

QUNDIS measuring devices create transparency.

Both tenants and landlords can monitor consumption at all times – and what’s more, for each room individually. Metering service providers receive all the data they need for convenient evaluation and integration into utility cost billing.

The result:
The awareness of costs and environmental factors rises among all concerned. Tenants can actively influence their consumption behaviour – thanks to technological solutions made by QUNDIS.